PRESENTER REMOTE (รีโมทควบคุมคำสั่งไร้สาย) MICROPACK WPM-06 (BLACK)

599 ฿

PRESENTER REMOTE (รีโมทควบคุมคำสั่งไร้สาย) MICROPACK WPM-06

* RF2.4G wireless technology
* Wireless range: up to 15 meters
main function:
* Red laser pointer
* Multiemdia function page up, page down, full screen, black screen, volume+/-
* Tab/Enter/Alt+Tab * Power saving function
* On/off power switch
Receiver: magnetic receiver, plug-and- play simplicity
* Battery: 1xAAA battery
* Accessory: pouch

รหัสสินค้า: 13-06-01-0005 หมวดหมู่: ,
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